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Digital Marketing Services that are created to provide a cohesive and user-friendly experience. Strategically designed to increase conversions, sales, and overall business growth and revenue. Every design is branded with key identity elements and strategic marketing techniques to capture leads and close sales.


Effective and comprehensive marketing strategies that are tailored to each individual business. These digital strategy services are designed to maximize profits and ensure digital marketing services are effective yet stay within your business budget. Strategies include set-up and deployment options.


Development of multiple digital marketing tools ensure the success of your business. These range from landing pages to sales funnel creation development and deployment. Without proper development, businesses do not have all the marketing strategies they need to succeed in the digital world.



Technical digital services that guarantee a return on investment. These services are designed to leverage industry specific marketing tactics to capitalize on profits and close leads and sales. Technical services troubleshoot problem areas to turn weaknesses into business strengths.

In a dynamic and digital world, and it is hard to differentiate your brand from the competition.
Email Medic produces real results for your business by providing your business the tools it needs

to guarantee a return on investment

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Kate, Digital Designer
Twelve Landscaping Ltd.

Very impressed! I would highly recommend Email Medic, she is an expert in Email Marketing, Designs, and all things marketing! Can't believe how good this design looks and I can't believe how affordable it was.

Ameerah, CEO
BAS Media

My Email Medic, is just what the doctor ordered. Their professionalism, industry know how and ability to guide you through the wild-wild-west of marketing is a breath of fresh air. I strongly recommend them for all of your marketing needs

Char, Marketing Manager
CharMast, INC

Chloe is a great communicator, flexible, and works quickly. She gave me the exact design I was looking for and I had it completed in 24 hours when I had requested to have it finished by 7 days! Definitely would purchase through here again. She has chops.

Jim, CEO
Homeland Real Estate Co.

Upgrading my website with My Email Medic was the best decision I have ever made. I increased my revenue with her application integrations recommendations and setup to over 347%. I honestly wish I would of paid her more with all the profit I generated! Thank you!

Gary, CEO
Adaptive Web Designs

What a lifesaver! My email newsletter was floundering and she segmented my mailing lists, created a mobile-friendly email, and did a bunch of stuff I don't understand. I now have 5 times the leads I had before! I highly recommend using this service.

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